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My Favorite Things

(In random order)
  1. yoga pants- because being comfy is my number one priority in life.
  2. chocolate- because come on, doesn't everyone love chocolate?
  3. my laptop- because i don't like to feel like i live under a rock...
  4. my glasses- because without them i practically blind!
  5. my yarn bracelets- i don't know why exactly but I'm just attached to them, i haven't take some of them off in like a year..
  6. sleep- it's amazing.
  7. books- for when life gets incredibly boring..
  8. my owl necklace- i love owls and my mom got me an owl necklace for christmas and i love it!
  9. my huge collection of art supplies- i love art and I'm happy i have all the stuff to pull off what my mind comes up with.
  10. music- because it can turn a bad day good, boring things fun, and cleaning time to dancing time...

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sleep? i cant right now

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